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NCSEJ has taken an active role in the region since 1971, playing an important part in the rebirth of Jewish consciousness during the final decades of the Soviet era. Today, NCSEJ’s central role in the growth of new, post-Communist Jewish institutions makes it a respected leader in all aspects of Jewish communal life, in Jewish relationships with the independent states of the region, and in relations between the countries of the region and the United States.


In the U.S., NCSEJ collaborates with national agencies, Federations, and representatives from Jewish organizations working on behalf of the more 1.5 million Jews that live in the post-Communist countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. NCSEJ and its partner organizations maintain close relationships with key government officials throughout the region, Israel, and the United States.


NCSEJ sponsors missions and maintains networks of communication through its elected Board of Governors, whose members represent a wide array of Jewish organizations from the United States and the region. 


To empower and ensure the security of Jews in the fifteen independent states of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe;

To foster cooperation among the U.S. government, U.S. Jewish organizations, and the Jewish communities and governments of the region;

To represent the organized U.S. Jewish community, including the Jewish Federations of North America and its member Federations;

To collaborate with other organizations for the provision of humanitarian aid, social services, and educational/communal development assistance throughout the region;

To facilitate international Jewish organizations' access to Jewish communities.

Our Mission

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